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Red Velvet Cupcake Cream Cheese

My Story

So why call my company  First and foremost I am a scientist at heart with two science degrees to prove it.  While the days of working in a research lab was not a fit for me, I have always found myself drawn to baking.  My earliest childhood memory is helping my mom make cookies for Christmas.  And then I found myself teaching myself how to bake pies and candy and ice cream.  I always look forward to social events so then I would have an excuse to bake a new dessert.  To me baking is a science where I get to play with different flavors and ingredient combinations to see what the final result will be and I also get to express the artistic side of me as well. The best part of it is sharing my creations with others.  I get great satisfaction in making desserts to help celebrate the special moments in people's lives or just something to brighten their day. I look forward to sharing my baking science experiments with you from my home kitchen operation.

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